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Silverlight 2.0 RC0 Installation

You would already be aware of the release of RC0 of Silverlight 2.0. If not check Scott's blog here. The details on the links for downloading these latest bits can be found in the same blog.

Note that unlike the previous Beta 2, this version doesn't comes with a go live license and if you visit the Silverlight installer page online, you will see that it still points to the earlier Beta 2 version (2.0.30523.8).  

Another aspect that Scott has explained, but may not be clearly understood by all is that this RC0 version will not work with the Blend 2.5 June Preview. It will work with Blend 2.0 SP1 only and if you try to install it with the June or any other beta/preview version you will get an error like below during installation. 


Since I wanted to play around with this version, I uninstalled Blend 2.5 June preview and being an MVP, I have access to MSDN Subscriber downloads from where I downloaded and installed Expression Blend. Then I installed Blend SP1 preview (the link is given earlier in the blog) and finally ran the Silverlight RC0 setup (first uninstalled the previous Beta 2 bits).

The setup completed successfully, though initially it took a couple of min to show any update on the "Download Status". In fact for the first few min it didn't budge at all and I started suspecting if there was an issue with the installation package itself. But then it suddenly jumped to 100% and said "Download time remaining: 0:00:00". The installation after this took few more min and finally I was ready to try out SL RC0.

Quick test app creation and I had no issues in running it. The ASPX now shows the version as 2.0.30923. Interestingly if you visit the Silverlight installer page now, it says

"installed version 2.0.30523.9
requested version Silverlight 2 Beta 2 GDR 1 (2.0.30523.8)"

So it fails to recognize the new bits, which is as Scott mentioned in his blog. Let me get going with checking out this release and will share my experiences soon. Keep watching this space.


I need setup for Silverlight. I want to install and use Silverlight but I don't know how to get it.

Saba, SL2 RTM is now available. Check out my other blog here - It has links that will point you to the installer.

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