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Business capabilities met on the cloud

Enterprise concerns with the cloud, primarily revolve around Data Security, Privacy and to a certain extent the relibaility of the cloud. However in these times of economic recession; cost optimization and improving TCO are some key value propositions that enterprises see which will primarily drive the adoption of cloud today. This new model of computing will not only address these value propositions but also provide enterprises with a platform to innovate and come out with some ingenious solutions tackling typical IT problems that have hindered enterprise growth over the past few decades . Here are a few business scenarios where I see cloud computing being applied in that fashion today:
  1. Businesses that need to be elastic to meet seasonal loads
  2. Enterprises looking at consolidating their existing infrastructure and moving towards Green IT
  3. Enterprises that want to have a quick and seamless way to integrate with their partners and suppliers
  4. Provide collaboration solution for desk-less or the mobile workforce
  5. Software Development teams seeking quick and cost effective ways to set up their development infrastructure
  6. Offsite facility to backup and archive data
  7. Processes which have high demand for processing computational intensive tasks such as billing, brokerage calculations etc
  8. Applications needed for relatively shorter period(tactical applications/non strategic/opportunistic)
The above is not an exhaustive list but a generic one. Unique scenarios exist in enterprises today which may have evolved or driven by the demands of the domain it operates in. If you have any such unique scenario or others which I might have missed out and would like to share. Please do.

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