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Windows 7

Few weeks back I upgraded my Windows vista enterprise to Windows 7 Ultimate RC build 7100. So i have retained all my earlier programs. It works great, there are lot of cool features that have been extolled by many in the blogosphere, so wont touch upon it.

Listing few problems I came across with this windows version. I searched on technet and msdn forums and didnt find any solutions.

1. Once in a while Windows 7 desktop UI flickers. When it flickers it flickers violently. Entire Task bar and all the icons go blank. I am yet to figure out the reasons/conditions under which it behaves like this.

2. Wrong system icon tray notifications. Though I have internet connection, the net work notiifcation displays incorrect meesage that "no internet access" as shown in the below image. This is true for both LAN connection and Wireless Lan connection.

Internet Access.png

3. After Upgrade from Windows Vista, my VPN CheckPoint SecureClient was not starting. Went to Services MMC and found that "Check Point VPN-1 Securemote service" is dependent on VPN-1 module that has been deleted or marked for deletion. Tried many things but finally reinstallation of the Secure Client Software did the trick. After reinstalling i found that "Check Point SSL Network Extender" has been added to services list. In the Log On options, "Allow Service to interact with Desktop" has been checked.

4. e Trust Anti Virus 8.1 version from Computer Associates. This is not compatible with Windows 7. It is installed properly and works. Just that it does not download the latest signature files. Add to this, Action Center shows me that this Antivirus software is not compatible and suggests me other compaines anti virus programs. Being on the corporate network cannot use anti virus software not recommended by our network group. Currently working with our network team to sort it out. This may force me to take my laptop off the network or force me to down grade my o/s to Vista.

5. Not exactly related to Windows 7. IE 8 that comes as a default browser is not compatible with Outlook Web Access. This requires Exchange Server to be upgraded with a patch to allow DHTML controls on browser. Any patch management on servers is a huge task for network folks so would take take. Some of our internal IS apps are not compatible with IE 8. So I am planning to install a VPC image on my laptop with IE 6 as browser. Are there any better ways to work around it??

If you are aware of any solutions to the above problems, please point me to them.


Regarding "No internet access": I faced a similar issue in my home laptop when upgraded to Windows 7. Apparently, installing Office 2007 sp2 fixed the issue... Don't know the cause for the same.

About number 1: This has probably to do with video drivers. Once a video driver stops responding, Windows 7 will restart it, causing it to flicker violently.

Number 5: Which version of Exchange are you using? Exchange 2003 or 2007? Anyway, you can use the "X-UA-Compatible" header to let IE8 behave like IE7

Amarya, Would try to install SP2 and check it up. But it doesn't seem right that Office Sp2 has got something to do with system network icon notification.

Jeroen, Number 1: I am still figuring out. Probably you are right.
Number 5: Exchange 2007. I will check up on "X-UA-Compatible" header.

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