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Future of Desktop Computing

Imagine tomorrow when you switch on your LCD set to watch a movie, browse internet or do some official work. Am i talking about one device performing similar task as done by another…what’s new…Convergence is already achieving that…ok fine…how about buying the personalize desktop from some xyz vendor like Tata Sky, Airtel, Infosys … and accessing that through LCD. Accessing personalized desktop through LCD…what’s that…simply put desktop with some basic computing, processing, spreadsheet,  browsing, etc. capabilities that can help you do basic stuff or your kid do homework, take exams, do certifications, etc.. Hmm…where is this going… office work, home work, without having a dedicated laptop/desktop.

With eminent Cloud computing service models like IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), are we sensing another variation of *aaS? Simply put, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a Service over internet which helps you logon to your personalized or office desktop based on what computing and software services you have subscribed to.

If you find above stuff as too far too much…the enablers are already there, read about Airtel’s NetPC

To software enable such service models, Google and Microsoft have already started providing online Word, Spreadsheets called Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Works respectively. Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform will be a great enabler for building and delivering such business and personal applications for enterprise and personal desktops respectively. Desktone has already started providing complete cloud based hosted desktops.

To truly realize the vision of work from anytime anywhere, multi site collaborative development, DaaS will have to be adopted sooner or later. Having said this, today the challenges security, network bandwidth continues to dent the rate of adoption of it as against the huge number of positives on offer it has like low CAPEX, improved flexibility and productivity.


I want to know how we can use Sharepoint to create a marketing portal?

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