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Am on Windows 7 RTM

Windows 7 RTM is available on MSDN subcriber downloads is not a new news anymore. I also had downloaded the Enterpride edition few days back and just got around to installing it. The experience so far is good.

Some months back my colleague Naveen had installed Windows 7 RC and had faced some issues that he had written about here. I will talk about some of the issues he faced and how they behave on Windows 7 RTM.

Let's first look at some of the issues that Naveen had faced.

1. I also noticed the decktop flicker. The scenario that I noticed it with was when I was running a program that wasn't compatible with Windows 7 Aero and I had used a desktop theme that would flip through the background images. When the background image changed, it caused the program to behave eratically and that's when the UI flickered a whole lot.

2. Didn't face any issues with network connectivity of the messages. The icon used to display this has changed from what it used to be earlier. The good part is that wireless worked like a charm. With Vista I used to almost always have trouble detecting wireless and connecting to it. With Win 7 no issues at all.

3. I have installed the VPN Software but still need to test it. Will try and do it today evening from home and see how it behaves.
[Update: August 27] The VPN software worked like a breeze.

4. The anti-virus, turns out has some issues with UAC and application compatibility. Some specific EXEs need to be appropriately shimmed and their compatibility set correctly. The interesting part is that you can right click on a EXE and select "Troubleshoot compatibility" and that should pretty much get you going. However just to add on, the installation itself did prove a bit of a pain. It didn't work with my login, didn't work with setting UAC to minimum as well. Had to login into the machine as local admin and only was able to install it.

5. No issues faced with IE 8 and working with outlook web access. I know of cases where people have set the compatibility view setting as enabled for the page and OWA doesn't seem to work. Having removed it, it works without issues.

This pretty much covers the issues Naveen faced. In my next blog I will capture some of my own experiences. Keep a watch for the same.

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