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Part 2: Why uploading PPTs is a good idea for live meetings?

In the first part, I talked about art of presentation. Moving on in this part I want to focus a bit on another important aspect for presentation.

Doing sessions over live meeting is becoming more and more common these days, but a very basic need of uploading the presentation to live meeting server and then running the presentation from it isn't followed by most speakers and thus impacting the user experience of the session.

User experience ! you probably are wondering, what's there about user experience in this. But anywhere where you are dealing with audience, there is some user experience that you should worry about.

When doing sessions with live meeting on Vista and sharing desktops, Vista typically switches to Vista basic theme and this can disrupt the feel of the presentation. This can be very irritating if you have used some interesting theme for the slides that works on true colors and since the session is now running on basic theme with only 256 colors, the slides as seen by others can be easily become unbearable. Uploading to live meeting server does away of this issue.

Depending on the flow/story line of your session, you may want to be aware of the upcoming slides. If you have done enough rehearsal, this should not be an issue, but otherwise it can impact the session delivery. The other day as part of our REST session in Virtual Tech Days, we had a dialog going on between me and Suds where the questions asked by me would lead into the next slide. Uploading to live meeting server and presenting from there, allows you to get a thumbnail view along with the current slide, just like you get when editing slides in power point and this then becomes very handy.

Another big irritant for audience is when there is resolution mismatch and given the varied sizes of monitors available these days, it is all the more prominent. See some details on resolution and its side effects in Shashikant's blog here. So while you would be happily getting to see the entire slide, the audience may most likely be worrying about scrolling left-right and up-down to view the entire slide.

And finally, sharing from desktop also means that your other applications also get shared. And I have in many sessions noticed some messenger popup or some email popup that is either distracting or even embarrassing for the speaker. You may also have a need to chat quickly with a colleague while doing the session, but sharing means that the audience will get to see what's going on. You can definitely selectively share applications instead of sharing the desktop, but the other issues will also exist.

So when doing your next session, think about some of these and try and make the session a pleasing experience for all. It isn't only the content that matters, but the over all experience does make a big difference.

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