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Presentation Skills

The other day over a cup of tea with a few colleagues we were discussing presentation skills. I got good comments about fluency in presentations, time management and overall how I was able to do a good job at it.

I have decided to take a deviation from the usual technical blogs that I have been writing these past years to write on presentation skills. There are many sites already out there that provide good material on this topic and I am not trying to be a presentation skills teacher here. Over the next few blogs, I will share things that I have found working for me.


Part 1: Art of Presentation

Part 2: Why uploading PPTs is a good idea for live meetings?

Part 3: Handling Virtual Sessions

Part 4: Which Presentation Tool to use?

Feel free to comment on these and share your own tips.


This Infy blog is very gud. But just need to ask that does fluency matters a lot at the time of presentations. Bcoz i stammer. So is this really a big concern.

As far as i ve learned, Presentation is not all about how fluent one speaks.

I am working hard to overcome ma stammer. But when we people see comments and sentences like this in which fluency is highlighted, we lose our confidence.


Manpreet, the fluency I am referring to here is not necessarily about speed, but is more about the command on the language. If one doesn’t have good command over the language, then the person is bound to keep pausing even if he/she doesn’t stammer.

I have people who have similar situation in my team and as my relatives as well and I can understand what you are trying to say here. Wish you good luck in your attempt to overcome your stammering.

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