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Win 7 Network adapter problem

If you are following my blabberings on Win 7, you will notice that most of things have worked fine for me so far, except for Office Communicator 2005 that I wrote about here. Another thing that I found not working correctly is the network adapter's ability to detect and connect back to network post hibernation. I found many instances of similar issues logged on the forums.

I even tried ensuring that the adapters are set to not power off, but that didn't help. The issue is specifically visible when I switch network post hibernation, i.e. say I was using LAN before getting into hibernation and post resume tried to join a wireless network. I am using a Dell XPS M1330 laptop  and have even asked my Dell vendor to check for any updated drivers, but none so far.

Are you also facing this issue? What worked for you? In my case, reboot is the only option as of now.


exact same problem here, did not find a solution yet... and the problem applies to both cable and wireless adapter

Exactly the same problem, no solution unfortunately. For me, using the notebook for business reasons it is a very serious problem.
BTW, additional problems occur with the Juniper SSL Network client. Sometimes even after a reboot the client won't start. Sometimes it can be started with IE, sometimes with native start.
Very strange problems, especially, as everything worked so perfect for the first few days.

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