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Silverlight on IE 8

My team members are working on a Silverlight based application to be deployed on Cloud. Things were going smoothly when one of us tried accessing this application via IE 8 and we were surprised to see the application not filling 100% height but taking about 25% space only. We tried various options for setting the height to 100% like setting it for body element, as well for the form element etc, but with not much luck.

Finally, found a workaround on the forum here. Setting the meta tag in the head to enable IE 7 compatibility (<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />) worked. This is surely not the preferred solution, but it got us going. Do share if there are any other options that may have worked for you.


Perhaps you should spend time fixing Stylesheet rather then using a hack which may not be available in next version of IE.

PM-SilverCrux, you are right, but one, we are running against a deadline and basic changes to stylesheet didn't help and two, many others have reported same issue and this happens i guess more due to variation in compliance levels of IE7 and IE8. Going forward, we surely will fix it the right way :-).

we have been facing the same problem with IE application.
I had to use the tag for a ASP.NET application to fix the Menu on IE .
It is time consuming to fix the sylesheets for Silverlight application

Microsoft has received criticism for IE7 and IE8 compatibility issue so they will be fixing it in the next version of IE.

From what I observed with this bug, the issue was with using * in the grid rows or columns. IE8 will take the * as 0 where as it should actually take it as maximum available space. So we need to avoid using Height="*" for grid rows and Width="*" for grid columns.

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