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Early feedback from our customers

Had discussions with few of the IT directors and IT managers of our customers to get the vibes from their end users on the new Windows 7 operating system post the Pilot rollout. What has really excited the business users is the responsiveness of the OS. Few of the business units has come clearly stating that the “time for a user to be productive” once in office has really shortened post the Windows 7 implementation. This is by faster startup and efficient way to access data and applications capability of Windows 7. The time for user to be productive has improved by around 40% from the previous implementations.  The faster shut down time and efficient sleep modes has been eulogized by the IT and business and they have been truly daunted by the overall power management capabilities.  These are real good signs and can further strengthen the need for a better OS for other enterprises who are into their planning phase for Windows 7 adoption.

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