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Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7

MIX 2010 that happened in Las Vegas last week (15 - 17 March), like all earlier MIX events, had some amazing new technologies to showcase. It is very evident that Microsoft is investing heavily into user experience and the new Windows Phone 7 was a prime technology piece that was showcased with many cool demos.

In the Keynote for day 1 Scott Guthrie and Joe Belfiore talked about and showcased Silverlight 4, Blend 4 and Windows Phone 7. Silverlight 4 developer release, Blend 4 beta and developers tools for Windows Phone 7 were released and are available for everyone to try out. There is more integrated support for working with Silverlight 4 in Visual Studio 2010 now, which is already available as RC. 

The keynote talk had some very interesting demonstrations. Along with Silverlight 4 and Blend 4 showcase, there were many demos around Windows Phone 7, all the way from how easily one can build applications for Windows Phone 7 from VS 2010 or Blend 4, to some fun apps that included Scott using the accelerometer feature to have Steve's avatar bouncing around and another one where they controlled a cannon from a Windows Phone 7 app and fired T-Shirts into the audience.

It was great to note that Silverlight 4 now has a control that can help view Pivot collections. If you want to start to build on Silverlight 4, you can download the required tools from here. In case you want to try out applications for Windows Phone 7, you can download the tools from here. The really cool part is that you can use Silverlight 4 and all its capabilities to build applications targeted to Windows Phone 7. Note that for working with Silverlight 4 or Windows Phone 7 toolset you need to have VS 2010 RC.

MIX had many more very interesting sessions and in case you want to see them, you can start from here. And yes, there is expectation that the RTM version of Silverlight 4 and Blend 4 will be available along with VS 2010 RTM that happens on 12th April.

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