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SharePoint 2010 and SilverLight


SharePoint without silverlight had less compelling reason for adotption of building solutions with an better user experience. With seamless integration of sharepoint 2010 ,Visual Studio and for developers is much easier and simpler. Here are few points i gathered .The next happening combination which is going to take your next solution to a different level of user experience is Share Point 2010 and SilverLight.So how does SharePoint 2010 Compliment SilverLight


  • Hosting of silverlight application with the new silverlight webpart in SharePoint 2010 is very simple, all you have do is point to an XAP file.
  • There is also a new media web part which is silverlight based and streams video
  • Developing the sharepoint applications with silverlight is easy with the new Client Object Model (OM)
  • When you start using the new Organization browserfeature of SharePoint 2010 the office web application like word Web app and solution gallery use silver light for creation of asset and gives and enhanced silverlight experince
  • Developers can easily develop and debug by using the new client OM (I am going to blog about Client OM later)

will try to blog more about this topic as i start exploring more on SP 2010 SL 4.0 and C (OM).

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Somehow I just don't see Microsoft conquering the presentation market with Silverlight. But I could be wrong - as sometimes they seem to end up dominating markets when their software clearly doensn't deserve to on merit alone.

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