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UI Prototyping with SketchFlow - A Viewpoint

I have written about SketchFlow earlier here and here. I and my colleague, Sakshi, spent some more time on it and have written a viewpoint paper on SketchFlow (version 3), its key features and how do we compare it with other prototyping techniques. You can access the paper from here, and in case you are interested in other papers from my other colleagues, those can be found here.  

Do have a look at the paper and share your comments. With the release of Expression Suite 4 round the corner, we will soon provide an updated version of this paper, that covers the new features of SketchFlow in version 4.  


Very well written and act as technology evaluation guide too.
While the SketchFlow is great, 'prototype to production' is really a issue as of now.


Vikas, Thanks. As mentioned in the document, we aren't in favor of prototype to production anyway.

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