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More on Kinect

Following up on my blog post last week on Weekend with Kinect Adventures

Some more exploration

1. Speech interface doesn't work for Indian Locale.

2. When the hand in front of the Kinect is small (like my sons hand) the responsivness is bit slow and recognition some times not that precise.  

3. All the games in Kinect Adventure are fantastic. Very immersive and experience is fantastic. Kinect Joy Ride game is fun but not as smooth as that of Kinect Adventures.

4. Upload of photos to facebook and twitter is intuitive and easy.

5. MS has released Kinect SDK only to few gamers. MS may release SDK to developers after some time but there's no specific commitment from MS on this. 

Came across DepthJS ( Kinect + Computer Vision + Javascript) by Fluid interface and Evoluce has released a software to control Windows 7 apps from kinect interfaces using gestures. Yet to try these softwares. So cannot comment on it. But with MS not banning third party drivers for Kinect it may open lot many possibilities than MS had originally envisaged.

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