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Silverlight 5

Post PDC there were many questions on future of Silverlight and Microsoft itself had caused these speculations. I had shared my views on it here. Well, yesterday Microsoft laid these to rest by announcing Silverlight 5 in the Firestarter event. The event was telecast live across the world using live streaming. If you didn't watch it live, you should be able to get to the keynote here.

I guess the event should have been named Fire Extinguisher, given that the fire was actually started during PDC when HTML 5 got more prominence :-).

Silverlight 5 adds a host of features and with that Microsoft re-affirmed its commitment towards Silverlight 5. Scott mentioned that they were able to add about 70% of the wish list features to Silverlight 5. The features can be shared here.

Scott has shared the main features here. Some of the items that I really liked are

  1. Hardware accelerated video decoding
  2. Variable speed playback, called as Trickplay
  3. Remote control support for media playback
  4. Data binding and MVVM related enhancements
  5. Azure Table storage support for RIA services
  6. Some great support for 3D graphics and animations
  7. Better debugging support
  8. XAML templates for Pivot control

While these sure are interesting features, we will have to wait till early next year to get to the beta. The expectation is that this will be available in second quarter of 2011.

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