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Duet - SharePoint and SAP integration

It has been a while since i have been working on the Duet RDP program with Microsoft. We were one of the first few who got an opportunity to understand what Duet is all about even before the same will be launched into the market. SAP and Microsoft conducted few sessions exclusive for Infosys and gave a heads up to understand and work on the Duet.


Duet is one of the highly anticipated products which will help enterprises consume and extend SAP through SharePoint 2010. I will focus in this blog on the how Duet will help in increasing the value of existing investments made by enterprises.

Duet gives this value of leveraging the existing SAP platform with powerful features like

·         Prebuilt integration as an add-on to Microsoft SharePoint and  SAP Net weaver platform

·         Has OOB interoperability with support for

o    Security / SSO

o    Templates for accessing SAP data objects

o    All are industry standard based

o    Easy access to SAP reports

o    Browse HR information

o    Easy integration with Office  


·         Also provide very useful tools and services for SAP ABAP developers, .Net developers and business users

o    Service composition and adoption

o    Custom business logic development

o    Field configurations

o    Declarative and no code

o    Custom UX and data integration

Duet is the foundation for interoperability between SAP and SharePoint. Apart from giving the flexibility of integration with SAP systems it also provides capabilities like providing

·         Duet enterprise sites

·         Duet enterprise profiles Enterprise collaboration and much more

I will look into the enterprise collaboration feature which I got to explore. The first steps for this will be to install the SharePoint bits and the SAP bits. Both were available for Infosys as it is part of the Olympus partner program with Microsoft.

The scenario we tried to explored was integration of the SharePoint with SAP and

·         Fetching information from the SAP  and presenting the same  on SharePoint collaboration websites

·         To blend the SAP data and business process with content in SharePoint and enable better collaboration

Microsoft always looked at enhancing developer productivity and has come up with easy tools and templates to build this integration not just the developer community, I am sure many of folks with investments in the SAP will be looking forward at DUET launch and are looking at leveraging the powerful collaboration features of SharePoint 2010 to drive people productivity, expand the value of existing investment and also rapidly respond to the business needs.

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