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Basic Azure enabling guide

This blog is basically to onboad any new developer to Azure development environment in the least possible time with the right resources available.

With Azure getting stabilized, there are myriad of Azure related articles and blogs made available in the internet. And sometime it is very much possible for a new comer/ developer to get deviated and get confused from where to start. And eventually instead of understanding the basics of the different azure building blocks, they sometime get lured to creating complex application.

So, this blog is not to teach Azure but provide a beginner with a simple guide with pointers to different resources (articles, blog, SDK samples) which will help him/her to grasp the basics of Azure architecture. And help the developer to move in the right path without wasting his/her precious time in understanding from where to start. I have tried to keep it simple with reference to the basic samples from MSDN, SDK and different blogs but tried to keep the maximum information

The complete post could be reached from here.


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