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The learning's from Ax2009 Rollout in Eastern Europe (Part-2)

Hi All,as promised in my previous blog where I shared  challenges in getting fiscal printer  integrated  with Ax2009 SP1  I will continue to share another challenge which we  faced during our First Ax2009 rollout in Eastern Europe  This  was related to statutory  Invoicing & reporting .Once we had come out of the hurdles of  Fiscal Printer integration, immediate challenge was related to the Statutory Invoicing   on Fiscal Printer and VAT registers reporting.

Statutory Invoicing for Fiscal Printer   in Eastern Europe requires separation of positive and negative lines of the Invoice. Only positive Lines should go to fiscal printer for Printing Zero Value or negative value lines should not be printed on the Invoices generated from fiscal printer. The AX  2009  System  does not support this by default . It required Customisation to handle this scenario by adding flag.


For VAT register reporting we primarily faced two major problems:

a)  Not able to view VAT reporting Menu and the reports under General Ledger: - This Issue was due to the non-enabling of the configuration key while doing GLS merge

b)  Cannot view any data in statutory Input VAT report or Output VAT report: - This issue was due to errors in VAT setup Configuration as the VAT setup differs for EU region which governs the generation statutory VAT registers.

Tracing this, there was a field in this form TaxTable(TaxTable).TaxType_W,  had different values.

We changed  from "Other"to "Standard VAT"
This worked and finally we were able to view all reports.

In my next Blog  I will continue the  journey of our Eastern  Europe  AX 2009 roll out   experience further with  a new challenge we faced and how we resolved.  Signing  off for now. Keep looking out for this space till then.




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