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"LINQ to HPC" dropped from MS Big Data stack?

Since last month, we started aggressively doing various pilots using LINQ to HPC in Big Data space. Recently Microsoft released SP3 for Windows Server 2008 R2. We had difficulties trying to get to the installable for the same from Microsoft connect site, as it was not available where it was intended to be.

Somehow through Microsoft forums, we could establish the download bits can be obtained from here

While going through the fine print from this blog, we came to know that though "LINQ to HPC" is part of SP3 as a preview, it will not be available in future as RTM (release to manufacture) which means it will not be released for production purpose.

In essence, it is dropped from Windows Server 2008 R2 HPC stack.This has been news to us, especially when we have invested good amount of time understanding how it works, and started seeing the simplicity with which it can solve the unstructured data related problems.At the same time, there is no clear positioning/statement from Microsoft on this and came as an embedded news as part of the above blog.

Microsoft has emphasized that it will provide Apache Hadoop distribution for Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Windows Azure and expects the preview version to be made available by end of this calendar year.

I sincerely hope there are not many customers who embraced LINQ to HPC in early stages. If there are, this will be a throw away effort for them like ours. However, this move from Microsoft creates a big question mark/dent on the approach of adopting/prescribing technologies that are especially in early beta for writing production ready customer applications.

What is your opinion? Are there more Cons than Pros for customers while selecting technologies that are in beta and non-production ready?


Apart from LINQ to HPC (L2H) on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP3, L2H is also preview (will not be meant for production) for Windows Azure SDK 1.6 release.
Microsoft updated related MSDN documentation with a note on L2H as “preview only”.
(check note in the end.)

Thus L2H for now atleast, is completely off from Microsoft's “un-structured data processing” plans and “Hadoop on Windows Server/Windows Azure” will be the way forward.

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