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Windows 8: Shutdown

We have been working on Windows 8 developer preview build for sometime now. Will be discussing some of our experiences in the upcoming blogs. There is a viewpoint paper titled 'Metrofying' Desktop Applications -- the Windows 8 Way, that we published recently that be accessed via the newsletter here.

As you play along with Windows 8 you would realize that while you can close the traditional applications in the desktop mode, there is no way to close a metro application launched from the new start screen. You can, if you want to launch the task manager in the desktop mode and then kill the applications if you really wanted to. While in task manager, you would see that the metro applications only get suspended, but continue to linger on. BTW you may also have noticed that we now call it as start screen and not just start menu.

Given that Windows 8 is mainly targeted at the tablet space, applications not closing is a behavior users are already used to seeing with their tablets and even phones. On similar lines, since typically tablets/phones are always on, I had some issues in trying to get to the shutdown option for the desktop.

You would see the well recoginized Windows image based 'Start' menu, while in desktop mode, but hitting this button actually takes you to the Metro Start Screen. I finally figured out that there are multiple ways to shutdown the machine

1. Instead of clicking the start button, hover the mouse over it till a menu pops up. In this menu, select Settings. In the next screen that comes up towards the bottom you would see the power icon. Click/touch that to bring up a menu, which has Shutdown option

2. Pull the right side edge menu by mouse or by touch gesture and select the Settings option. this brings up the same screen as discussed in previous point.

3. Logoff and on the login screen, click/touch the power icon towards bottom right. From the popup menu, select the shutdown option.

For tablets and phones I can accept the lack of need for shutdown and most of them come with a hardware button to trigger the shutdown, but for a desktop version, I feel that this should be more easily reachable. I hope that in the final build we will see this working better with possibly a shutdown tile on the start screen.  Comments?

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