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Streaming Media to Devices

I came across a Build video where the music playing on the Windows 8 device is streamed to the music player directly and the video is streamed to the Home TV without having to make any connections. Just like Share and Search Charm there is also a Devices charm that lets us accomplish this.

The user just needs to launch the device charm and select the appropriate device from the list for PlayTo to share the media with that device. While I have been viewing some build videos on my home TV (which is a smart TV), I have to connect my laptop\storage device using HDMI to the TV. This is kind of primitive as if I am in the middle of some work I need to get up and connect the two devices. Or I may need to seek\pause or do another operation while I view a video at a distance for which I need a wireless mouse.   I found this feature particularly interesting and convenient to use as it lets us access devices connected to the home network directly. Streaming a video from a windows8 machine (possibly a tablet in future) to a TV (connected to the same network) is as simple as launching the device charm and selecting the device to which you need to stream the video. No need to go through the hassles of connecting HDMI, copying the video to a storage device or maybe browsing to the internet location of the video from TV.  Not only streaming, user can also use other controls like seek\pause etc. from the win8 device to control the media playing on the TV\Music Player.
The implementation is done using PlayTo Contract for the Devices Charm. The detail article to understand how to stream media to devices using PlayTo is available here.

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