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Office 365

Consumer preview for Office 365 or Office 13 as it is called for Enterprise users is available now. Initial view is that looks great and definitely has used Metro styling. The application launch splash screen to the main user interface is all very metro like.


I will share more as I try more things, but one immediate comment which unfortunately is irritating me. In Outlook open any mail or try to type a new mail, the windows always seems to open maximized (looks like this is inline with Windows 8). Unlike earlier Outlook versions, this doesn't seem to remember my window size setting. Hopefully this will get fixed shortly.

[Edited 18 July] Fresh start today and the above problem is gone. The new email window is no long opening maximixed. A bit more research and I realized that the issue happens when running on my laptop which a resolution of 1366 x 768. How when running attached to a monitor at a resolution of 1280 x 1024, it works fine.

Also found a new issue today. When creating a calendar entry, CTRL + Left Arrow or Right Arrow to move between words doesn't seem to work.

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