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What is it with Word Configuration?

Microsoft says having mutliple versions of MS Office on the same machine should work fine, except for Outlook. For Outlook only the latest version will work. I have Office 2010 and Office 2013 Preview on my machine and I find this to be true. All Office products work fine, except for Word.

I can run either version of Excel or Powerpoint without any issue, but every time I run Word from different version, it brings up a configuration wizard.


The sequence is something like this: I run Word 2010 things are fine. I run Word 2013, I get this configuration screen. Now on clicking any DOCX files opens in Word 2013.

I now run Word 2010, I again get the configuration screen and all DOCX files now open on Word 2010. If I continue to run Word 2010, I am fine, but I change versions and run Word 2013.. the configuration screen pops up again.

So if I continue to use the last used Word version, I am good, but change the version and be greated by configuration screen. Not sure why only Word does this? Any clue?



same problem. I've only 2013 version (update of 2010 suite).
When i run Excel, or Outlook or Note : no problem. But when i launch Word 2013, this screen "configuration" appears every time.

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