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Windows 8 User Interface

Windows 8 launch is later this week and we keep reading about mixed emotions from people who have tried it out. The latest I read is this blog which includes an interesting video as well. Microsoft surely has touched lot of nerves with their blod steps with the Modern UI.

I personally think that for general consumers we should probably try showing Windows 8 on a tablet to the people. That's when the reactions will probably be more in favor of this new OS. People have seen the existing iPads and the Galaxy Tabs and used them and hence are already family with the new touch interface with no central Start button/menu like thing. I think when using on tablet, the UI shock will be much less.

But it also does mean that users who will use this on desktops and laptops will find it difficult to get used to. For some using Windows without the Start button/menu is like diving from a plane and not knowing which chord to pull to open the chute.

I have been using Windows 8 for a while now and must confess that while I like the new UI and features and all that, I do get confused sometimes. I work on my Windows 7 in parallel, so there are times when in desktop mode in Windows 8, I need to open a new application, so I hit the Windows key, and... I land on the new Start Screen of Windows 8... and it takes me a few moments to realize what just happened. At times I prefer to use the desktop mode IE instead of the Windows 8 version of IE

Would it make sense for Microsoft to lock UI to the new Modern UI for tablets and the desktop mode for desktops and laptops, till we get touch friendly updated hardware? What are your views on this?



Thanks for putting the real pain in those many words, I really find that the Metro UI is finger friendly and not the Mouse Pointer friendly on my laptop, Hence I do agree with the fact that Metro UI should only be used for the tablets and simple one for desktop / laptops. But knowing Microsoft I don't think if we could have simple switch button to toggle the UI. Considering this I have moved towards the hacky way of doing the registry changes (Google for "RPenabled") to keep myself happy with the normal UI.

Apart from this Logitech has now come up with some Windows 8 friendly peripherals which are worth enjoying...

Ajay Sawant

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