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Getting Started with Phone 8

Microsoft had announced the much awaited Phone 8.0 SDK release and Phone launch during their recently concluded Build 2012 conference. You can get access to Phone 8.0 SDK here or if you have MSDN Subscription, then from here. Note that this SDK is 64 bits only, and runs on Windows 8, so you need to have Windows 8 to be able to develop for Phone 8.0 for now. The Phone 8.0 Emulator requires a SLAT PC and Hardware Virtualization enabled in the BIOS as well.

Like Phone 7, Phone 8 also needs a developer account. If you have one already go ahead and start to build your apps, if not, you can register here and if you hurry you can get a significant discount and will be able to register for just $8 for a year (offer valid till 7 Nov 2012 only).

I got my Nokia Lumia 820 developer device the other day. After first updating it with the latest OS, using NSU Pro, I went ahead to unlock the phone so that I could deploy my test applications on it. Using the Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool, I tried to unlock, but got the following error

"Please set the correct date and time on the phone, check the Internet connection and try again later." with ErrorCode = 0x64.

I checked and settings and found that I had set the time for auto-update. This I changed to manual and also realized that the date was wrongly set. I fixed these and tried to register again, but it failed again and gave the same error. Since I had already fixed the date and time issue, I wasn't sure of what to do next. I was wondering if I needed to install Zune to get this to work.

I revisited the Windows Phone Developer Center and looked at details of how to register the phone for development and the reason for failure was apparent by looking at the prerequisites. The article mentions three things as required for phone registration to work

     •A Microsoft account (formerly known as a Windows Live ID).
     •A valid and current Dev Center developer account.
     •A cellular or Wi-Fi data connection. A USB connection to the computer is not sufficient by itself.

I had the first two, but the third point was the issue. The developer phone from Nokia didn't had a SIM in it (incidentally it requires a micro SIM, so my existing SIM would not have worked anyway) which I could use to connect to say 3G network. So I found a working Wi-Fi hotspot that I could connect to and then re-tried the phone registration, and it worked this time like a charm.

So armed with an unlocked Phone 8 device, Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Phone 8 SDK, I was ready to build and test apps on Phone 8. Instead of writing afresh, I just picked up one of our Phone 7 application, opened in VS 2012, recompiled targeting Phone 8 and deployed on the device. There were no compilation issues and the application worked perfectly on Phone 8 (I must qualify that this was a simple text manipulation application). Interestingly I didn't need Zune anymore to deploy the applications on the device. VS 2012 managed to deployment on its own.

Let me now get onto exploring new features and capabilities of Phone 8.


Your article helped me to get past this step that I was having. But once I got past this, I'm now getting a message that my development phone is not registered with Marketplace. I have not been able to find any references for this. Can you give any advice?

@John, while I have not gone ahead all the way to work with market place, this error more seems like registration error only. The phone device you are using would need to be registered with the Windows Store developer account you are using. You can associate upto 5 devices with this account. Kindly check your account to see that this particular device is appropriately registered.

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