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Global Implementations & Rollouts: Some best practices -3

Welcome to my third blog on Global Implementation: Best practices. I promise this one would be shorter than the 2 earlier ones.
I was talking on the topic of Development in part 2.

I would like to continue and place a few more best practices which can be adopted so that the development plan & strategy is conducive to program road maps

One of the key factors for development is to have very strong  code configuration & release management  in place. A good practice would be to have a proper CM tool like TFS or VSS for controlling development and creating releases.

Selection of the right configuration tool for application code is a matter of the technology been used and its compatibility with the configuration tool.

Once we have decided on the right tool, we should be aware of the capabilities of the tool so as to be able to harness and use it to the maximum.
There are various capabilities with these CM tools like branching. If we are aware of how we are able to manage the branches we can effectively compress the whole program as well, though this is a totally different topic for discussion.

The development strategy, development plan and the CM tool have a major impact on the program road map which we comprehend only after a lot of effort has been utilized and the first roll out is already done.

My next blog on this series would focus on best practices in testing and the impact of testing on global roll outs.

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