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Mobile Apps for Dynamics AX

Business is getting challenging as well as exciting. MS Dynamics products are adding mobile apps into its arsenal which I believe is not only a competitive necessity but will also add to the fun of doing work.

Let us look at some of the apps available on Dynamics AX first:
1. MS has released an app which is targeted to employees for:

i. Logging of timesheets
ii. Logging of expense entries


It will save a lot of time of employees who typically would spend dedicated time to make these mundane entries. Instead now they can do it on the go and can squeeze 2-3 minutes on the go.

The app is available for Windows, Android, and iOS

One similar apps are also available from Karya:

2. Another very relevant app is a ScanWorkX which helps scan barcodes relevant for warehouse functions. The app is touted to be fully configurable for applicable transactions and integrated with MS Dynamics AX.

This would help alleviate firms from investing into specific scanning hardware and leverage the now ubiquitous smartphone which is the user is most familiar and comfortable to use to do business operations.


MS has also showed focus on Mobile clients and is encouraging development of more mobile apps. One relevant item here is AX2012 whitepaper on Developing
Mobile Apps (ref:

Over next few months I believe we would start seeing more apps on lines of:

1. Workflow approval app for any of the AX workflows
2. AX Alerts and notifications app
3. Customer app where functionalities relevant for customers would be available like

- Customer preferences and parameters
- Sales orders tracking
- Delivery tracking and receipt confirmations
- Invoice tracking
- Payments

3. Similarly vendor app where functionalities like below can be tracked:

- Vendor preferences and parameters
- Purchase order status updates
- Delivery status updates
- Invoice logging and tracking
- Payment status tracking

4. Quick polls and surveys linking the questionnaire module
6. Service request logging and tracking

What do you foresee?



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