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February 3, 2012

Exploring the business prospects of Kinect

Microsoft launched Kinect for Windows a few days ago and this seems to be a good time to touch upon its business prospects. Infosys has been experimenting with Kinect since a while and we are quite excited with the possibilities. Kinect has an interesting combination of sensors including depth sensor, RGB camera, multi-array microphone and accelerometer. This caught the attention of innovators who created several Kinect "hacks", which far exceed any applications Microsoft would have imagined, when they originally released Kinect as a gaming controller. The main advantage of Kinect for Windows (over the Xbox version) is the "near mode" that allows subjects to be sensed as close as 40 cm. as compared to around 80 cm. in the default mode (and the Xbox version of Kinect). This opens up the doors for applications where proximity is preferred. So, let's see some business applications:

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Kinect for Windows

Microsoft annouced the other day availability of Kinect for Windows SDK. This version can be used to build commercial application, something which wasn't possible with the earlier SDK. Alongside a new hardware device is also available now (priced higher than the earlier one).

While this SDK will work earlier device as well you would not be able to leverage the new near mode support which allows you to detect objects mearly 40 cms from the device unless you use the new device as well. Additionally if you are migrating your earlier code to the new SDK, you may want to use the Microsoft.Kinect.Migration assembly to aid the migration effort.

December 26, 2011

Immersive Experiences with Microsoft Technologies

In Immersive Technologies Track we are working on some exciting technologies related to data visualization, touch, gesture and augmented reality. The main products on our radar are Phone 7, Surface and Kinect. We recently published a technology roundtable newletter sharing some insights of our work. You can get to the newsletter from here.

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November 4, 2011

Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft Kinect has been a revolutionary product. Just about an year has passed and apart from the original usage of controller free gaming environment, Kinect has come a very long way and people are trying all sort of experiments with it. Read an interesting summary on 365 days of Kinect here.

We are doing our share of experiments with Kinect. Hope to be able to write about them soon here.

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