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March 1, 2008

WPF - TextBox memory leak issue

Earlier today on the WPF Forum I hit upon this issue about memory leak in TextBox. MS has responded saying it is by design. I am not entirely convinced as to how consuming unlimited memory could be a good design decision. I have been using WPF for a while now and wasn't even aware of this property on TextBox. I am sure many others won't be.

Anyway, the solution discussed there is to set the UndoLimit property of TextBox to 0. Instead of setting this for all TextBoxes in your code, it can more easily set in App.xaml as an application resource so that it is applicable to all TextBoxes by default. You can explicitly undo for specific ones via code or local property setting.

        <Style TargetType="{x:Type TextBox}"> 
            <Setter Property="UndoLimit" Value="0" /> 

November 20, 2007

Visual Studio 2008 Available

The must awaited Visual Studio 2008 is now available. Those who have MSDN subscriber download access, can download it from here. You can directly download the trial version from the home page itself. More details around this can be found here. In case you are facing issues in uninstalling the old Beta version and installing the new version, check here.

I am however facing issues with the new download manager. I keep getting network connection error. I will keep checking this up as I want to quickly download and start using this version of Visual Studio.

[Edited:22 Nov 2007] Full version of VS 2008 Professional Edition is available on MSDN subscriber downloads now.

November 12, 2007

Visual Studio 2008 RTM

Visual Studio 2008 is expected to RTM later this month. It should be available on MSDN Subscriber download, but the general off-the-shelf availability is still early next year.

November 1, 2007

It is Today - 1st Nov 2007

You would be aware of the expiring of VS 2008 Beta 2 VPCs today. If you have watching the VS Developer Center, you would have noticed the new updates on this. Jeff has mentioned in his blog about what happens with the existing VPC and mentions the 3 alternatives going forward

  • Upgrade the base OS with valid license
  • download the newly published VPC images from here
  • continue to work with the existing VPC and keep rebooting every 1-2 hrs.

Since downloading the 8 files, required for the VPC (not including the base image), took quite a bit of time for me, I will continue to use the existing VPC as is, as I can live with the reboot requirements for now.

October 29, 2007

VS 2008 Beta 2 VPC Expiring on 1st Nov 2007

If you have been playing around with VS 2008 Beta 2 VPC, note that the VPC unlike earlier thought, will expire on 1st Nov 2007 itself. In case you have been using TFS along with the VPC, follow the steps mentioned at Moving Team Foundation Server to take a backup of your DB and prepare to move to the new VPC.

Since the timeout is at OS level, it is still being researched if anyone will be able to access their data on the VPC after 1st Nov 2007 or not. Additional guidance will be made available shortly. Keep a watch here for latest information. 


October 4, 2007

.NET Source Code

If you have been troubled for not being able to debug into the .net source code when debugging your own code, take a breather. As Scott Guthrie has mentioned, the .net base class library code will be released soon under the MS Reference License. Guess this means, no more need of Reflector. It will however still be useful to view the code for any non .net BCL assembly.

August 2, 2007

WPF and AppDomains

In my earlier blog I had talked about how to work with AppDomains and the issues I had faced. I had a chance to interact with Hua Wang from Microsoft and it was very enlightening.

There are specific things that need to be taken care when creating and destroying AppDomains in WPF. .NET framework 3.0 supports new APIs for this purpose and these are to account for the threading model of WPF.

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April 30, 2007

VSTS (Orcas Beta 1) Profiler - Comparing Performance Reports

In my earlier blog I had looked at March CTP of Orcas and talked about performance reports and performance comparison reports and raised a few issues.

I downloaded and started to play around with Orcas Beta 1 today and thought of checking the performance comparison report to start with. I ran the same code as I did earlier and compared the reports.

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April 20, 2007

VSTS (Orcas March CTP) Profiler - Comparing Performance Reports

I recently came across this blog by Ianhu and was interested to explore the comparsion of performance reports.

Being able to compare reports from two performance runs is very important since without it, it becomes very difficult to figure out if one has been able to make improvements or not post the code changes. Hence I created a dummy application that created an array of 200000 strings and then wrote it on the Console. I wanted to see the impact of using an object based ArrayList or a generics based List<T>.

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