The insurance industry worldwide is undergoing a significant change accelerated by the financial meltdown and changing demographics of its customer base. In this blog, we will discuss the challenges, approaches and possible solutions to dealing with the transformation that the industry has unwittingly entered into.

Blogger Profiles

Akanksha Rajendra Singh

Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys

Akanksha Rajendra SinghAkanksha is an Innovation Partner with the Center for Emerging Technology Solutions at Infosys. Her current focus is to identify the pain points of clients, strategize, plan and execute solutions, measure business impact, and deliver value to the clients. Apprising the client of the innovation culture at Infosys, seeking their participation, and designing intellect property (IP) solutions for business needs are a significant part of her work. Akanksha is passionate about working where business, technology, and solutions converge. She has a financial services background, which helps her to keep a close tab on the technological advances in the sector.

You can gain some valuable insights into her work and thoughts through her blogs that will cover blockchain, InsureTech, fintech, testing solutions, and banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI).

Baskar Sridharan

Senior Principal, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Baskar Sridharan Baskar has more than 25 years of industry and technology consulting experience. At Infosys, he has led the DCG insurance group since its inception. He leads the Property and Casualty (P&C) sector in insurance, healthcare and life sciences consulting across North America.

He has led several domain-focused business and IT strategy consulting engagements across the value chain of insurance. He combines industry, consulting and delivery skills with depth and breadth of practical experience across life, P&C, benefit plans and long-term care insurance sectors. He has anchored several large projects leading to sector and account openings. He has pioneered conceptualization, development and launch of solution frameworks and service offerings in multiple segments. He has structured pragmatic solutions to resolve strategic and tactical issues enabling clients in their transformation journey. His experience spans across India, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and North America.

Baskar will blog on insurance, reinsurance, risk management and customer service.

Bhushan Deopujari

Senior Consultant, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Bhushan DeopujariBhushan Deopujari provides exceptional consultancy in the area of healthcare data warehousing, claims, and rebates invoicing and allocation (sub- components of PBM). A certified AHIP – with more than eight years of experience, primarily in the healthcare payer industry – Bhushan is proactively involved with conceptualizing and designing IT solutions for the payer industry.

He is an avid writer, and his articles have appeared in leading magazines, including Healthcare Reform Magazine, which many healthcare industry stakeholders consider as their primary source of information around healthcare reforms. Bhushan will blog on healthcare payer domain and the business challenges posed by healthcare reforms.

Deepu George Philip

Technology Lead, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Deepu PhilipDeepu George Philip has covered significant ground in the insurance domain, across health insurance, life insurance, and healthcare providers. He has extensive experience in niche products in both insurance and provider domains. The techno-functional aspects of insurance industry represent his primary interests, and he has helped create effective solutions using commercial-off-the-shelf products, customizing them to suit individual businesses.

Deepu holds certifications from industry associations such as Life Office Management Association (LOMA) and America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP).

Deepu's blog posts will look at life insurance products and solutions from a practitioner’s perspective.

Dileep Prakash

Technology Analyst

Dileep PrakashDileep is an Innovation Partner with the Center for Emerging Technology Solutions at Infosys. He is currently working with different QA teams to identify the challenges they face in their day to day activities and thereby, offers them solutions and suggestions. Dileep comes from a strong development background, and has played a key role in the development of different IP solutions such as ITAW, ITDMS, and IDTW.

Now, Dileep is all set to write blog posts on test management, testing solutions, test automation. Stay tuned!

Milind Madhukar

Senior Consultant, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Milind MadhukarMilind has been working as a business consultant for both life insurance as well as P&C insurers. At Infosys, he has worked on many transformational projects, developed process maps, and also helped drive several internal development initiatives. He has earned certifications, including ACORD, LOMA and AICPCU.

Milind’s blogging space is devoted to topics such as analytics in insurance, Unclaimed Property Act, and underwriting.

Nagaraja Sarma Janga

Senior Technology Architect, HILife, Infosys

Milind MadhukarNagaraja is currently offshore solution architect for a very large re-platforming program for US based P&C insurance company. His responsibilities include defining architecture patterns and implementation. He also leads the cloud practice within HILife unit.

Nagaraja has worked on many large Digital transformational projects for various clients of Infosys. He also worked as technical consultant to many complex engagements. He currently leads Cloud and MicroServices practice in HILife unit. He also leads ADM Academy which focuses on bringing the practitioners together to share the knowledge at ADM level.

Namrata Ramnani

Technology Analyst

Namrata RamnaniNamrata is an Innovation Partner with the Center for Emerging Technology Solutions at Infosys. Her current focus is on working with clients to help them identify their pain points and strategize solutions and execute them, identify business impacts, and deliver value to the client. Currently, Namrata is working as a consulting expert for a performance testing solution. She is passionate about working where business, technology, and solutions converge. She comes with a Validation services’ background and keeps a close tab on the technological advances in the sector.

Namrata is gearing up to write blog posts on testing solutions, blockchain, Insuretech. Stay tuned!


Principal – Business Consulting, Financial Services, Infosys

NandhakumarNandhakumar’s 20-year career spans insurance and consulting across 10 countries.

During his 10 years spent with Infosys, he was responsible for leading the offshore consulting team. He has also donned multiple hats, including that of management consultant, program manager, process consultant, across different geographies.

Nandhakumar will chiefly blog on insurance, analytics, and management consulting.

Rajesh Gupta

Associate Vice President and Head, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Rajesh GuptaRajesh is responsible for consulting and systems integration in the insurance industry (Americas region). He also leads the charter of innovation that helps create differentiation through its continuous focus on driving business value for clients in insurance industry.

Previously, Rajesh led the worldwide Microsoft Practice at Infosys. With a strong focus on collaboration, mobility and Azure (cloud computing platform), Rajesh helped build an important niche in this market. His roles, since joining Infosys in 2002, have included overseeing systems integration across several verticals (e.g., retail, manufacturing, energy, utilities and services). He also drives strategic client and partner relationships in North America.

With more than 22 years of industry experience, Rajesh understands the facts of the systems integration business, and will blog on the following topics: Cross- channel experience, effectiveness in distribution, customer centricity, predictive analytics, and technology-led innovation.

Varun Chhibber

Client Services- Insurance, Infosys

Varun ChhibberBased in Stockholm as a part of the client services group, Varun is responsible for strategic client relationships & new business (Insurance unit) in the Nordics.

Varun has more than four years of experience in digital transformation domain. He has been proactively involved in numerous Digital implementations in the past and provided high-quality, value-added consulting solutions to customers.

In his blog posts, Varun will share valuable insights on latest Insurance & Digital trends.

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