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All I want for Christmas is a Data Driven Application

I have been a very good boy this year and hope you can give me a very special present - a Data Driven Application. Now, I know that most of the other geeks are asking for Apple watches, FitBits or self-driving cars, but for me it's a DDA all the way!

With all kidding aside, DDA appears to provide everything I've ever wanted an application to provide from: automating processes from multichannel data sources that combines operational and analytical capabilities, to an app that produces business value with unquestionable ROI, by continuously measuring outcomes and producing metrics including cost savings, which customers are the most profitable and how your business decisions are yielding results. And as the late night commercials say, "but wait, that's not all!" 

One of the most beneficial attributes is the user interface - think social media. DDAs are designed to be as user-friendly as Amazon or Facebook with built-in collaboration capabilities. It can identify the relevant information, pull it out, highlight it visually and present it clearly (ever seen an app tweet?) while giving a glimpse of the future.

DDAs pull data from various data sources from both inside and outside the enterprise (often using data-as-a-service tools) and presents the results in a single portal accessible across the organization. This new holistic perspective comes from information that was previously kept in departmental silos will now be available and utilized in the analysis of related information (that's a pretty huge present, right there!). These apps can do all this in real-time, using fresh data and predictive insights based on data relationships previously not obvious to our analysts due to information being fragmented across various platforms.

But wait - there's more!

A DDA has built-in data management capabilities. It can generate master/meta-data, graphs, all while running queries and collecting data from the varying sources.

In addition to being user friendly - these apps are also IT friendly. Many out-of-the-box solutions need little customization to begin delivering relevant results based on the users' role and responsibilities.  The combined data and analytic insights are linked to specific business/discipline tasks within the enterprise, everything is fit for purpose. IT will be free to do other important tasks previously deemed low priority - lunch, sleep, and perhaps even vacation!

But wait - there's more if you order by midnight tomorrow!

Businesses can see immediate benefits and ROI, make better decisions based on a full range of relevant, real-time information. DDAs are not just a new form of business intelligence or a sophisticated analytics tool. Analytics have traditionally described what happened, what went right/wrong, when, how, etc. DDAs go much further to use the data to predict or prescribe options while tracking and measuring the results. The data provides the foundation, but it is more centered around how data can be used to develop, implement and track business actions. It can mean the difference between analyzing data to figure out what happened rather than using it to find a new path ahead of the competition.

So Santa, you probably think I am making this up and that there has to be serious magic involved! Or that a DDA must have to be written in some magical programming language that only data scientists (make that data wizards) know. But I'm not making this up or even exaggerating! I read it in an analyst's report. I'm sure that you're going to be bombarded with requests for DDAs now, so please be careful who you give them to - they're going to change the way we do business! (P.S. please do a credit check, these DDAs can end up costing a lot and they take more AAA batteries than Walmart stocks.) Happy Holidays everyone J


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