Open Source has revolutionized IT sector as it harnesses the intelligence and efforts of the community to develop and maintain software faster. Our experts discuss the latest happenings and give their view points on how open source can be leveraged for your organization’s transformation.

Blogger Profiles

Amar Pratap Rama Murthy

Senior Principal Technology Architect, Open Source Practice, Infosys

Amar Pratap Rama Murthy Amar Pratap is a Technology Management Professional with more than 20 years of experience in playing the roles of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Vice President? (VP) of Product Engineering, and Chief Architect. His pioneering career reflects strong leadership in heading product engineering; given his expertise in hands-on IT and solution architecture, product development, and software-as-a-service platform development. He focusses on achieving bottom-line results while formulating and implementing advanced technology and business solutions with a superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale, mission-critical projects on time, and under budget for several premium companies.

Amar Pratap has extensive experience in health care, insurance & financial services, gaming, retail, media & publishing, technology, supply chain management, telecom, and multichannel marketing and commerce for clients across North America, Europe, and Asia. He is a practicing Enterprise Architect with good experience in running successful IT consulting and strategy engagements; including digital transformation, design thinking, big data and analytics, cloud adoption, serverless architecture, micro services, etc. In his blogs, he will write on topics related to digital transformation, modernization transformation, open source adoption, cloud adoption, NoSQL Adoption, etc.

Amrish Raje

Principal, Enterprise Applications – Modernization Practice, Infosys

Amrish RajeAmrish has overall 17+ years of experience with over 10 years of experience at Infosys as a part of the Modernization Practice. He is currently involved in designing and developing applications using open source technologies like Couchbase and Kafka. As a part of the Open Source COE, he is closely involved with clients in their large migration and transformation projects helping them with their open source journey.

Amrish has been working with various clients in the healthcare, insurance, and retail space and has closely worked with business and architecture stakeholders in defining complex architectures. He has extensive experience with database migrations and legacy modernization.

Amrish will be blogging on topics related to open source databases, mobile data synchronization, cloud and NoSQL adoption, and legacy modernization.

Dhaval Jagani

Senior Technology Architect, Healthcare Insurance and Life Sciences, Infosys

Dhaval JaganiDhaval Jagani, Senior Technology Architect having 13+ years of experience in Application Architecture and Legacy Modernization.

He has been working with clients in Health care and Insurance space primarily on the Mainframe architecture and Modernization solutions. In the course of his career, he has been working closely with various business and architecture stakeholders of enterprises to solve complex business problems.

Nikolay Kolesnikov

Principal Consultant, ADMOH

Nikolay KolesnikovNikolay Kolesnikov is a Principal Architect having over 14 years of experience in software engineering, and five years of experience working at Infosys. He has worked with different companies across verticals, helping them utilize different database technologies and implement various performance strategies. A certified Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise Architect, he has worked closely with architectural groups of several enterprises. In his blogs, he will write on topics related to distributed algorithms, multiprocessing programming, and system performance.

Praveen Kumar KG

Senior Technology Architect – ADMCOE

Praveen Kumar KGPraveen has total 16 years of experience, and has been associated with Infosys for more than four years. He is currently a Senior Technology Architect with experience in designing and developing applications, using open-source technologies like Apache Kafka, Elastic search, MongoDB, and Radis. Being associated with multiple project implementations across verticals, Praveen had delivered solutions using Elastic search, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, Spring Boot, and Scala. With enriched experience in open-source technologies like Elastic search, MongoDB, and Apache Kafka, Praveen would like to share some of the learnings from past solution implementations with multiple clients. He will be blogging on topics related to Apache Kafka and similar open-source technologies.

Rajib Deb

Senior Principal, Open Source, Infosys

Rajib DebRajib has over 19 years of IT experience with more than 15 years in the IT Managed Services domain in various roles. He has worked for five years in Infosys, where he currently leads the Open Source Development and Migration practice. Prior to this, he led the automation practice in Infosys, working on Application Deployment Manager (ADM), leveraging DevOps practices, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP). He has developed next-generation Infosys Application Services blueprint which focused on three important aspects — industrialized service delivery, business value, and transformation — to make operations efficient and enable the support team for transformation and innovation.

Ranjib is certified in MongoDB and DevOps. His other certifications include INS21, ITIL-Basic, ITIL- intermediate (Service Design), LOMA 280, LOMA 290, and IBM Certification-DB2. As a testimony to his merit, he has received an award of excellence for driving automation implementation in Infosys based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. He attained his bachelor of engineering (BE) degree in electronics & communication engineering (ECE) from NIT, Bhopal; and master of science (MS) degree in computer science from Illinois State University. Through the medium of his blog posts, he will talk about topics related to digital transformation, modernization transformation, open source adoption, cloud adoption, NoSQL Adoption, and AI and ML based algorithms.

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