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OTM Out-of-Box Integration with Oracle WMS

In the OTM world, there is a common misperception among OTM Consultants and Customers that OTM is not integrated with Oracle WMS. But the fact is OTM is integrated with Oracle WMS and leverages the same Out-of-Box OTM integration that exists with EBS for other modules like Oracle Purchasing, Order Management, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable. In R12.1, Oracle has further enhanced OTM by including Warehouse Dock Door and Dock Schedule Information in the integration footprint.  From the warehousing perspective, the current integration means that one can perform warehouse tasks based on the transportation plan. In other words one can release lines for picking prior to dock appointment and staging the products to the dock door where the dock appointment has been made.
From a WMS perspective there are two interested integration points:
·         Shipping Itinerary Integration
·         Dock Door Appointments Integration

Shipping Itinerary Integration
The most interested integration from the warehouse perspective is “Delivery trip interface with OTM”. This is a very trickier integration, since by necessity it has to be a two way integration. EBS sends the Order information to OTM for planning and OTM sends the shipping itinerary back to EBS based on transportation constraints and goals. EBS then executes the pick, pack and ship process and resends the information back to OTM for rerating if required.
EBS concurrent program “Shipping Transportation Outbound Interface” creates Order Release in OTM from EBS Delivery.  So, as you probably guessed, deliveries in EBS are a pre-requisite for using this integration. Once the OTM transportation plan is finalized, OTM triggers planned shipment interface concurrent request to create a trip in EBS.            

Dock Door Appointments Integration
If the OTM dock appointments are used, then there is a brand new interface point introduced in R12.1. The “Dock Door Appointments Interface” is applicable for WMS only. This interface synchronizes the dock doors defined in WMS to OTM. This model assumes that WMS is the source for dock door definitions. R12.1 has “Synchronize Dock Door with Transportation Management” concurrent request for dock door synchronization.

The current OTM-WMS integration is robust and works as described. However, the integration may require tweaking in case of more complex needs and/or operating a very dynamic logistics environment. There are few ‘missing links’ that needs to be addressed, that can help customers in designing a more efficient fulfillment operation.

Acknowledgements: Lakshmana Murthy Kodukula

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