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Upgrade to Oracle Apps R12 - Sow a right seed today to harvest a bumper crop tomorrow

Growing globally, organically or inorganically is the ultimate goal of any organization to adhere to the basic principle i.e. enhancing the enterprise value by satisfying all stakeholders.

One of the difficulties in operating globally is that different localizations, such as statutory and currency, complicate business operations since the business must comply both with global and local policies. Back office ERP systems are supposed to provide support to meet global challenges. However, complexities that result from global operations are still a major hassle, and there comes a decision point when a business must evaluate its current systems and determine if changes / upgrade to the current systems would be required.

Smart business owners know, that by planting the right seeds at right time, their companies can harvest a bumper crop later. By investing up front to upgrade their ERP applications to oracle R12, entities can mitigate various challenges today.


How eBusiness suite R12 can help?
Large Global Entities:

Ø  How do I meet diverse accounting and financial reporting requirements?

Ø  How do I simplify my financial operations and drive out cost?

Ø  How can IT keep up with a changing business?


Global Accounting, Standardized processes and Flexible architecture

Ø  Flexible Ledger structure

Ø  Centralize Accounting using SLA

Ø  Centralize Tax and Payments

Ø  Multi organization access

Ø  Advanced architecture with OAF, XML technologies and fusion middleware

Single National Entity

Ø  How do I streamline my financial close process?

Ø  How do I lower the cost of my finance operations?

Ø  How can I eliminate customizations through configuration?

Simplified processes and compliance, Use standard set ups

Ø  Manage close with ledger sets and advanced tools like WEB ADI

Ø  Centralize Banks, Payments and Intercompany

Ø  Sub ledger Accounting – flexibility to configure accounting rules


Ø  How do I compete in a global economy?

Ø  How do I distribute information to the right people?

Ø  How do I maintain applications with limited IT resources?


Enhanced efficiency and simplified reporting

Ø  Better look and feel with 300+ enhancements and 18 new modules

Ø  Flexible Report configuration using Report manager and XML  data definitions

Ø  Scalable platform with functionalities like secondary ledgers and definition access sets

Ø  Flexible architecture



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