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Is Fusion CRM game for it?

The success rates of CRM implementation have been reported low traditionally. Various studies attribute the reason to various factors like user adoptability, system adaptability, high TCO etc. Should I take the liberty of saying that marketing and sales users (next to warehouse users) would be ranked first in discarding a system which is not easy to use and fit the requirements. So, Is Fusion ready for sales and marketing users? Let us have a look at the features which marketing and sales users would go gala about it.

Web 2.0 integration: Yes social marketing is in there! Fusion CRM provides the integration to various Web 2.0 components like Wiki, forums, blogs, RSS feeds, mashups, social networks like linked in etc. The integration between people, applications are increased through tags, links and people connections, through integration with the instance messages, google, google maps.

Increased user Experience: It looks and feels better! It provides unified user experience, easy navigation with use of rich client components.

Iphone and Blackberry Integration: Most of it will be on your phone. Fusion CRM provides the users the option to complete their pending CRM application actions on Iphone and Blackberry. Opportunity management, Lead management, Customer and Contact management features of Fusion CRM can be available on your I phone and Blackberry. There will be real time information provided to users on Iphone and Blackberry through RSS feeds.

Outlook Integration: Fusion CRM is seamlessly integrated with MS outlook by providing the real time update to the CRM objects from outlook.

Point Solutions: Fusion CRM has taken a modular approach and can co-exist with other applications due to strong extensibility platform in Fusion. So Customers can choose the module in Fusion CRM which suits them the best and use other packages for other business process.

Delivery Agnostic: Fusion CRM can be deployed On Premise or On Demand or on combination of both without missing the functionalities based on the deployment option employed.

New and Enhanced modules: The role based applications in Fusion delivers a better solution to customers. The complete set of tools to help the sales to manage sales person, manage quotas, manage territories, data quality management are built with new and enhanced modules.

Thereby Fusion CRM delivers value across all the 3 dimensions of CRM - transactional, analytical and social. By offering the choice to deploy the Fusion CRM application - On premise or on demand or combination of both, this product is all set to meet the requirement of sales and marketing users in addition to suit the IT demands.


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- Sushal Shetty
Sushal is a CRM consultant in Enterprise Solutions at Infosys Technologies Limited. She has done various consulting assignments for clients from Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Retail industries.

Disclaimer: Author has presented her views based on the working experience on Oracle Fusion Applications Beta.

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