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Enterprise Asset Management - Emerging trends

Guest post by
Krishna Ammapalayam Srinivasaragavan, Consultant, Oracle Practice, Enterprise Solutions, Infosys Technologies Ltd.


We are in the era of Enterprise Resource Planning implementations. It's estimated that by adopting ERP systems and best practices cost reduction, quality improvement, staff skills increases too many folds. Also the IT companies dealing with ERP systems receive the maximum revenue and profit in their operations.

ERP from its start evolved with many techniques of integrating the processes in an industry and to the extent of catering mobile applications from remote places. At start ERP focused on back office works and later started integrating the customer with the Customer Relationship Management techniques.

Oracle E-Business Suite is one of the best ERP packages available in market at present. Oracle EBS evolved with many versions and each time new modules getting added up for making business in industries lot easier. Apart from basic modules like Inventory, Purchasing, Finance, lot of stress is being given on Edge products like eAM, OTM, OTL etc. This blog will throw light on the important features that exist in Enterprise Asset Management module in Oracle EBS R12.

Enhanced features in R12.1 (+) series-

  • Express Work : It's an integrated way of finishing the emergency work quickly with all the details like labor, charge time, material issued entered in single page.
  • Microsoft Project Integration : This will help in integrating the Microsoft project with eAM which in turn used in Work order scheduling in effective manner.
  • Google Maps integration : Apart from maintaining an asset, it's becoming important to track them. eAM has come up with solution of integrating the assets with the web-based Google maps. During asset creation or after we need to provide some geo information such as Longitude, Latitude, and Direction for the Assets to locate.
  • Construction units : This feature is provided under the Maintenance Super User responsibility in OAF. The activities carried out on repetitive jobs like commissioning of Towers, Electric Lines, Power plant construction etc., can be effectively estimated and planned using Construction units.
  • Primavera Integration : One of the products in market dealing with Project management. Integration of Primavera and eAM will help in scheduling eAM work orders for Project based activities.
  • Encumbrance : Long living feature with purchasing modules has been introduced in eAM for Acconting encumbrance with eAM Purchase orders/ Purchase requisitions.
  • Work Permits : Creating only work order without information about operations, manitenance and safety precautions are of no use. eAM has come up with feature called Work permit where we need to take permission before taking up any work along with above details.

For further information on the above features, please refer RCD documents in metalink.


Enterprise Asset Management Domain is being focused by the Oracle Product Team ahead of its times. Oracles new addition of Integration with Google maps product would help customers from Utility Industry to locate and track Distributed Assets that are spread across Geography.
On the other hand Integration with Prima Vera and Construction Units would help customers from Telecommunication and Utility Industry for automating New Tower and Transformer Erections.
Enterprise Asset Management as a concept was only explored by Discrete and Continuous Manufacturing Industries focusing on Fixed Asset Maintenance. Today with the talk of Smart Grids for Utilities and the rapid expansion of Telecommunication Sector , the challenges posed by Distributed Assets maintenance is increasing and Oracle’s feature additions would be the Journey towards the times of Future .

Hi Muthukumaran ,

Thanks you very much for your informative feedback . Pleae do let know us if you want to discuss further on the trends in Enterprise asset management .

Valuable information thanks for sharing

Thanks for useful information. It’s a very nice topic.

That was quite a concise features on emerging trends. I believe you might also add in the latest features of Linear Asset Management on your future topics.

Good informative content post. Keep posting ..

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