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Exploring Item life cycle management options

Every country is making its Food and drug administrative control laws more and more stringent. Each country has a different requirement to get the products in specific labels formats, label colors, holograms, compositions etc. Issue is more challenging if item life cycle is short and old SKUs are getting replaced by new SKUs

Organizations with central procurement/manufacturing and global distributions are finding it challenging to manage these requirements in its end to end supply chain. Many companies have decided to have different SKUs for each requirement for specific countries whereas many organizations have decided to create SKU revisions local to each country.

Creating different SKUs helps in identifying/addressing each unique requirement separately whereas it poses a challenge in effective data management, forecasting and planning. Creating different SKU revisions helps in effective planning and forecasting but poses challenge in effective execution of transfer of required revisions in desired destination countries.

Deciding one way or another has its own challenges and it also depends on IT infrastructure and systems capabilities. Different ERP packages have their own solutions and challenges to address these requirements. Keeping discussion focused on Oracle ERP, any thoughts/benefits of handling these requirements one way or another?

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