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Upgrading VCP to R12 was really beneficial

Two years back I attended a workshop on Advanced Planning Command Center. I was impressed with the rich features it had to offer, but a lot of them would work only if APS was on R12 platform. The very same day I was convinced that my client should upgrade VCP (APS) to R12 before rolling it out to Americas. Not that we were planning to roll out APCC any time soon, but it would bring us on a higher platform form where it would be easy to add on other VCP products like APCC. Believe me, it wasn't an easy task convincing the client to upgrade to R12 , but eventually the client got convinced and today we are seeing the benefits of being on R12 platform.

The biggest considerations were

  • This upgrade would bring us on R12 platform from where we can easily plug in any new VCP products like APCC, Demantra and use all the features offered.
  • Performance was another major aspect. We were planning to run Global ASCP plan for Americas, Europe and Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. Plan availability becomes a major factor in this and hence the plan performance. Oracle had promised 20-30% performance improvement with R12.
  • We weren't too keen on using any new features or functionalities offered in R12, but Item Simulation set in ASCP was an exception. Using this feature would let us implement item attribute changes on planning with immediate effect till permanent updates are made in Item Master.

Only EMEA was live on VCP and we decided to upgrade it to R12 before rolling it out to other geographies. While we are already seeing benefits in the areas of performance and new features, other benefit of being on the R12 platform will be seen in future when the client decides to embrace other VCP products. 

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