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Oracle Documaker 12 - A feature rich product on the horizon

Since the acquisition of Skywire owned Document Automation Solution - Documaker, Oracle corp. has been trying hard to enrich the product suite in order to make it a more comprehensive and palpable solution for Insurance Carriers.

Recently Oracle introduced a new and improved version of Oracle Documaker. In the latest release, versioned 12, Oracle has introduced features that are more enterprise intensive and bridge some gaps from the earlier version of the product.

The earlier versions of Oracle Documaker did not have any inbuilt workflow management system. This feature has been introduced in the current version by Documaker Interactive. In addition to introduce workflow capabilities based on Oracle BPEL platform, Documaker Interactive also enables the user to create ad-hoc correspondence at any stage of the policy life cycle. For the ease of clients, DI comes with predefined workflows.

 Till Documaker 11.5 Documaker server required clients to implement a system that could pick up the extract file from a location and then trigger the assembly engine. This not only increased the effort and time required in deploying Documaker server but also left lot to be desired from the suite. In version 12, Oracle Document factory has tried to bridge this gap by giving these features "out of box" in enterprise edition. The utility includes an elaborate reporting system that would help organizations to monitor the performance of the assembly system. The reporting system can display the number of publishing jobs in process and keep track of jobs completed in retrospective. This can help the System administrators and form designers to look at more optimized ways of creating forms.

 Equipped with these new features, Oracle Documaker surely is expected to create some waves in Automated Document Generation domain.


what is the main difference between Oracle Documaker11.3 and 12.0

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