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Video: Social CRM - Delivering the Next Generation Customer Experience

Guest post by
Rakesh Kumar, Industry Principal, Service Innovation Strategy, Infosys



If we look at the scenario in many of the industries today carefully, we will find that enterprise are in a very peculiar situation. On one hand the global economic uncertainties are continuously challenging the in-flight business strategies, on the other hand, services or product differentiation has become extremely difficult to maintain. In such a situation today, a very significant force that enterprises will need to negotiate -  willingly or  out of surprise - is the "customer orientation".

How enterprises visualized and type casted their customers traditionally doesn't seem to be valid anymore. We all realize that we as customers today don't really want products to be quote unquote Sold to us. And look at what Internet and social media is doing to customers - a revolution in a true sense - it is making the consumer community grow up, grow up to get more responsibly and actively engaged in the consumerization value chain. And it clearly implies that the enterprises need to recognize the up rise of this new class of customer community. Customers ARE going to demand the enterprise to REDISCOVER the ways in which they are treated, engaged and managed. In other words, if I were to say, age of customer-experience based differentiation is already here and it is here to stay. CRM of tomorrow no doubt is going to be far more social, far more integrated and much more innovative than what we have ever witnessed.

Social CRM is not just about aligning to a technology innovation, it is about grabbing the opportunity to deepen the value system of the customer relationships, it is about creating the excitement of whole new range of customer experience, it is about customer loving your business relationships, not just buying your products out of their necessity. That's what the social CRM is, a choice that enterprises make for their future.

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