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Bridging Two Islands: A curious case of Oracle AIA

Guest post by
Vinod Kumar, Consultant, Infosys


Telecom sector has been chronically plagued by revenue leakage problems and often seen to be spending the maximum energy and budget on areas around how to not let it happen or in other words having in place an effective Revenue Assurance mechanism. Making it one of the most published area in the industry are the solutions around it yet the clients, be it the newcomers or the old-timers, are often marred by this problem. Not that there are no solution around it but it's the understanding of the solution/product offering and the judicious implementation which makes a solution stand out.

Recently I got a chance to work with a client hailing from telecom domain which was undergoing this classical problem of revenue leakage even though there were plenty of resources available to not to let this happen. The problem statement that client gave us was "We don't know what is my total customers and are we billing all of them?" This leads to two possible mistakes:

  • Not billing a customer to whom service was sold
  • Billing a customer who has requested for a cancellation

Digging deeper into the problem gave us an idea that root cause behind this problem was disparate source systems or multiple touch points for the order entry and lack of proper integration of Order Management (Siebel) and Billing (Oracle BRM) system.

OBIEE had already been chosen to answer the problem statement mentioned above, in other words, we had a challenge to bring in the accurate information from different systems to our warehouse which was not happening currently. Orders which were getting created in Siebel system were not flowing to BRM for billing purpose without errors and numerous person hours were being spent on after every load to back track before billing a customer.

Oracle AIA came as a handy remedy for us to deal with this problem and client already had it in place but that was not one of the best or the optimum utilization of this tool. During our data modeling exercise we put in use the canned views which we used to join the account and product information from Siebel and Oracle BRM which was existing in two separate compartments till now.  These views offer unique IDs to join the account and product dimensions helped us define single version of truth for client's account and product information.  Though we had to go for a rigorous testing whether we have got the right flow but that was one time and solved the problem for once and all.

We had to put in a great tool to right use and that re-affirmed my faith in "Think inside the Box" thing.

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