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Product Maintenance In A Strict Regime

One time success comes to many but sustained excellence is not everybody's cup of tea. World class organizations maintain their growth momentum year after year, operating in strict regime. This is true for leaders in retail as well as printing and digital solution industry. Players under the Food and Beverage industry, operate under a strict legal and compliance regime. International Agencies like FDA, FCC, and USDA mandate the tacking of lot attributes like the product expiration date throughout the supply chain. Also, corporate governance norms like Supplier Social Responsibility mandate the tracking of the products' country of origin. This is important to ensure that organizations do not indulge in any kind of malpractices like sweat shopping.

As each day passes by, every country pan globe is making its operating laws more stringent than ever before. This leads to maintaining items or products in specific labels formats and colors, holograms, compositions etc. This would imply associating items with certain critical attributes that need to be tracked with them. For instance it is important to associate a Country of Origin and Manufacturer's Identifier with each item for a Food Retailer. These are mandated by international agencies for compliance and regulation. Issue is more challenging if item life span is short and old items are getting replaced by new ones.

Similarly, in the printing and digital solution industry brand information needs to be associated with the generic product code to arrive at the final item specification. There are multiple brands of peripherals available in the market which when linked to the Generic product code result in a final assembly or end machine product.

For a responsive supply chain to operate at its optimum levels, organizations with central procurement/manufacturing and global distributions need to manage these requirements. Is there really an optimum solution that exists? Sometimes a new item creation might be the way forward, whereas sometimes items revision might be the best bet. This is the Glocal approach. When organizations creating different item numbers it is helpful in catering to each unique requirement separately. But it brings along with it immense data management issues together with forecasting and planning. Creating different item revisions helps in effective planning and forecasting but poses challenge in effective execution of required revision usage in desired destination countries.

We might not have a panacea here and organizations need to strive for a balancing act. The act could depend on the system landscape as well as infrastructure.  Is there a recommended approach that organizations could adopt to remain world class and also comply with legal and agency mandates? Master Data Maintenance is the backbone of successful and robust systems, it is the plinth of a strong architecture.


Good post Amit.I think its not only a challenge for specific industries,but its applicable for almost all the industries now a days. Business will encounter these issues whenever there is a scenario of coexistence of multiple brands for the same product (which is a very very common case now a days almost in every industry). With the increase in M&A cases gloabally, it becomes even more relevant.

Thanks for sharing the comments Saraja. You are so right in saying that there is no escape for the organizations when it comes to maintaining multiple brands. I want to bounce off ideas as to what the optimum ways are for product maintenance under strict regime. What are the technology capabilities available to us in order to meet the business imperatives

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