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Oracle Hyperion Upgrade- Opportunities and Possibilities

Guest post by
Hari Ram, Technology Analyst, Infosys


The rapid progress in technology makes today's-latest seem like tomorrow's-outdated. The change may not always mean 'mere increase in the version number' or 'change in look and feel'. The newer version of a platform or product more often than not brings a bag of advanced features that will simplify the process, increase usability, fix earlier defects and most importantly provide more value for the buck spent.

Oracle Hyperion products have seen multiple releases (major, maintenance, patchset...etc..,). Oracle Hyperion 11.x Suite introduces new products that may be a merged flavor of few of the existing products into one with additional features or are entirely new products catering to a distinct purpose or few products waiting for sunset soon. For example, Hyperion Essbase Studio brings with it the features of Essbase Administration Services (EAS) and Essbase Integration Services (EIS), while Hyperion Disclosure Management (HDM) is a fresh product to create the instance documents (10K, 10Q) to be submitted to the Financial Regulatory agencies like SEC. Products like Hyperion Enterprise and Enterprise Reporting are in their terminal versions.

With advent of the version 11 and EPMA, the need to upgrade to version 11 has increased. Indentifying the need, opportunities and possibilities to upgrade is the first step towards the bigger vision.

Why Upgrade to Version 11.1.2.x?

Most Hyperion users have migrated to newer version of the products or to newer tools because of the following,

  • Sunset time for the products. Oracle's Premier and Extended Support for pre-11 systems coming to end by Jan 2012 and for 11.1.1.x products ending by Jul 2013.
    • As per Oracle's Product direction, Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Enterprise Reporting would be placed on controlled availability from Dec 2012 with v6.5.1.1 being the terminal release for these two products. Hence most of the applications presently on Hyperion Enterprise need to be migrated to Hyperion Financial Management.
  • Newer & better tools combining the features of multiple tools into one
    • The Essbase Studio brings the features of Essbase Administration Services data prep editor and Essbase Integration Services into single place, giving a better XOLAP - Hybrid analysis.
  • Advanced features to handle the pain points from earlier releases.
    • Close integration with other Hyperion Products
    • Lighter Architecture with central security management using Hyperion Shared Services
    • Easier and streamlined application migration using Life Cycle Management
    • Better backup/recovery and transaction logging mechanism
  • Upgrading the infrastructure
    • When an organization decides to improve the infrastructure including the server machines, user machines, Microsoft office...etc.., the Hyperion tools must also compliment this change.

For the Hyperion EPM System Products, Oracle recommends that one must first upgrade the products to the highest available level release that directly supports upgrade from the current version one has.  Hyperion1.jpg

Most developers and consultants have their own way of upgrading the Hyperion products to the newer versions. Though this may not be in synch with the Oracle recommended upgrade path, but the experts still vouch for these manual methods.

In the next part of the blog series, I will be discussing on benefits and available approaches for upgrading Hyperion Essbase.


Hi Sir,

Hope you are doing well.

Sir i am a newbie to this technology and i want some guidance from you .

I have downloaded these softwares:-

1 > Hyperion enterprise performance management system foundation services.
2 > Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting.
3 > Oracle Essbase.
4 > Oracle Hyperion financial management.
5 > Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office.
6 > Oracle Hyperion Planning.

but what the problem i am facing now is Installation.

So if you can help me with some installation guides and videos links that will be really kind of you

Thanks in Advance.

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