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PeopleSoft to Taleo Integration - An Approach (Part 2)

Guest post by
Neha Barnawal, Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys


In the first part of the blog one of the approaches to integrate Taleo Talent Acquisition and Performance Management modules with Peoplesoft Core HR module is outlined which involves imparting the Peoplesoft data to Taleo via an outbound Interface.

A further description is as below.

Interface Description

Different files with following information will be generated by the Interface:

  • Employee
  • Job
  • Cost Center
  • Department
  • Users: Other than regular employees\
  • Location
  • Compensation unit
  • Feed to Taleo Performance Management

Business Rules for creating the output

Business rules for the population implemented in each files are as below:


  • All Regular Employees
  • The latest information from the primary job record


  • Active Job codes
  • Job attributes such as Grade, Over Time Eligibility, Frequency and Salary Admin Plan

Cost Center

  • Active Cost Centers
  • Cost Center attributes such as Cost Center managers, Business unit


  • Active Departments
  • Department attributes such as Department Manager, Business unit

Other Users 

  • All Temporary employees with Taleo Recruiter Roles: Taleo recruiter roles mapped to the Peoplesoft security roles
  • Temporary employees can be a recruiter for the organization when they are subcontracted or temporarily hired for specialized recruitments


  • All active work locations

Compensation Unit

  • All active compensation units(SAL_ADMIN_PLAN in PS ) and its details

Feed to Taleo Performance Management

  • All regular employees with HR status as 'Active' or 'Leave'
  • Terminated employees since the last time information from PS has been entered into Taleo
  • Translation and mapping of PSFT roles and conditions to Taleo Recruitment and Performance roles


PS to Taleo2.jpgThe above approach can be used for any Taleo to PeopleSoft integration by incorporating the right set of assumptions, extension of the business rules and functionality of the Interface.

Further Scope

The interface can be extended to the reporting and analytics processes also. An Inbound Interface will be required for Peoplesoft if the data flow has to happen from Taleo to PS.


Was SQR written and scheduled via process scheduler or Integration Broker with Component Interface used to integrate TCC with PeopleSoft?

Hi Neeru,
We need to use webservice to undertake a real time data synch from Taleo to PS which can be achieved using IB & Soap UI.

What you have mentioned is more of an offline scheduler process which is essentially not a real time data.


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