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Radical Progress : Infosys Keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Guest post by
Abhishek Sabharwal, Principal Consultant, Infosys


They say the time stops at Oracle OpenWorld (OOW) when a keynote is on! Thousands of folks from our industry (clients, partners, media, analysts, academia) get charged up to know more about what's coming in the ever dynamic IT world, waiting patiently much before the keynote actually starts. While yesterday's keynotes were focused around innovations in hardware, social, cloud that Oracle continues to drive, the focus of Infosys keynote was about Radical Progress. I quickly reconfirmed the meaning of the world radical on my iphone and it said, something that changes the fundamentals. The first thing that I could think of was the world moving from flat to being round by Galileo which was then challenged by the church as well.


Shibulal's Keynote.JPGOur CEO S D Shibulal, fondly known as Shibu, gave examples of radical progressive ideas over the last 200 years, recounting his 3 favorite ones - Wright Brothers, penicillin and the first website. He went on to explain that when these progressive ideas were being born, no one actually knew they were so radical. It was years after these inventions, were we able to understand the impact these had caused to our day to day lives. Shibu also paid homage to our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi with it being his 143rd birth anniversary and gave example how Bapu was able to change the world through his path breaking ideologies such as non-violence.

The other great concept that Shibu spoke about was how innovations have over the years moved from individual innovators to labs and now to corporations who are trying to innovate just to sustain themselves in this competitive environment. He highlighted there are 3 ways of achieving radical progress:

  1. Product and process Innovation
  2. New Business Models
  3. Creating new customer experiences

To explain these concepts, he invited Infosys clients who shared their own stories of radical progress.

The first one was Peter Pilawa, Leader-Strategy implementation, Audi-USA. With aggressive targets of doubling their existing units on the roads in 10 years, where they reached this figure after 100 years of hard work and perseverance, is no easy task. To achieve this, Audi focused on both on product and business process innovation. One example that was quoted was how Infosys and Audi worked together to streamline 5 different hitherto disconnected processes into a single cohesive process, to bring about transformation that could help them achieve their business objectives. To reinforce the concept, Infosys platform BrandEdge was explained whose processes are  based on best practices and how it is  a game changing example of product innovation.

The next one was from Christian Anschuetz, SVP and CIO of  UL. Christian definitely made us all do maths when he said that no time was an average individual more than 9 ft away from a UL tested product and how their motto was not of earning dollars but to make world a safer place. He explained the concept of how business models were changing and how UL is now helping its customers to now get safety built into the products at product design stage itself rather than test the product for safety once it's been developed. Definitely a huge progress required to manage those 23 Billion UL certified products put in market every year.

With this, Shibu explained the concept of how radical progress needs to be sustainable. He invited Ming Tsai, Global Managing Partner, Infosys, on the stage, who explained the concept of how Cloud computing was a game changer in not only yielding cost savings to the organizations but also brining about a greener planet (and a talking cloud). He explained the concept of the latest offering from Infosys, the Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub which was recently launched. He then invited Ian from Ricoh, who won the Chief Sustainability Officer award during OOW 12. Ian explained the story of Ricoh and simplified sustainability as a combination of 3 Ps: Profit, People and Planet. (thought provoking !!!).He explained how Infosys and Oracle have together run in Ricoh's journey undertook multiple initiatives that reduced waste.

Shibu again connected all the pieces together and wrapped up the keynote.

Looking forward to next year and yet another radicaly changing keynote from Infosys, making us all more consicious of all changes that are going about in our world today, who knows which may turn out to be radically progressive when we look 10 years from now!


Nice Summary ! Yes, in order to strive in this challenging business environment; organizations have to face & come up with fundamental(Radical) changes at some point!

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