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Oracle Financial Accounting Hub (FAH): Multi Level Drilldown

Guest post by
Ashish Gupta, Principal Consultant, Infosys


One of the latest buzzwords in FSI Industry is Financial Accounting Hub (FAH). FAH replaces the legacy accounting systems/programs and provides a rule based accounting engine to generate accounting entries. FAH integrates the Product Systems to Oracle General Ledger (GL).

Oracle standard FAH provides linkage from GL to SLA Journals i.e. the standard drilldown works from GL to SLA. Users can drilldown from GL to SLA journal Lines that provides additional sub-ledger details like Event model details, Supporting References, Identifiers and Descriptions etc. These details are useful enough to reconcile the transactions/records between GL and SLA.

Based out of our FAH implementation experiences we felt that the industry and the business users needs more in addition to this FAH standard drilldown from GL to SLA. Users' needs another layer of drilldown to the transaction data wherein they can easily reconcile the GL data with SLA data and then to transaction data. The view to the transaction data enhances Users supports function to reconcile, view the raw data, error handling etc.

We've built a custom solution that provides additional drilldown layer in FAH beyond SLA Journal. A custom form was built that present the view of the Transaction Object/Staging Table in FAH (wherein the transaction data is placed for FAH accounting entry generation). This form was linked with the SLA Journal form and with the selection of the SLA Journal line this form provides the number of the transaction object lines in the staging area. This way it links the GL data to SLA and SLA data to Transaction data. It provides multilevel drilldown views.

There could be different types of solutions in FAH like Pass through, Account derivations, Mappings and combinations of these. Based on the solutions the usability and importance of this custom drilldown can be enhanced. This Custom Drilldown not only helps business support functions like Reconciliations, Error & Suspense handling but also provide end to end view of how a product system transaction is transformed to a Journal. When used in conjunction with standard drill down this solution provides multi-dimensional view and presents summarized data view in GL, detailed accounting view and transaction Data view in FAH.  It brings in short and long term benefits to an organization.


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