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Upgrade to Fusion: An approach to a successful PoC


Recently we were working on Proof-of-Concept for one of the largest Global Banks, who was evaluating the roadmap to transition to Fusion from the legacy PeopleSoft landscape. While we spent lots of time in carefully analysing the requirements and arriving at a feasible solution which can be demonstrated, what actually transpired is that the User Interface and the Performance are probably the two most important things to captivate the potential users, whenever we talk about any change in platform or technology.

However, in the haste of functional requirement mapping, we often tend to be oblivious of these two facts. While without any doubt the ERP products are designed to meet the key functional requirements, probably the two areas under discussion worth more attention.

And Fusion scores high on both these counts....

If you see a Fusion screen, it is all-in-one. Various fragmented information strewn across various screens are now in a single screen; users do not navigate to multiple screens either to enter data or a get a quick snapshot of information.

And, of course, the graphical capabilities and Dash Boards Fusion offers... they are so fundamental, yet so different and appealing... Any demonstration with strong focus on sound graphical capabilities is bound to hypnotize the users.

While we can keep on praising Fusion on these counts, one common question asked in various forums is that of its does it rate against the traditional ERP packages? A pretty obvious question, I shall always wonder how long it takes a batch to finish, before I take those last minute print-outs for that all-important meeting.

Hence, a good amount of statistics justifying processing speed and examples of implementation of similar size will always be handy.  Our team's satisfactory response on Fusion performance requirements actually made the PoC successful.

So the key learning is: do not always get fascinated by the glam of functional charm; if you really want to reach out to the end users' heart, please plan the other areas well, as those will definitely be something they want responses to.

As the objective of a PoC is to quickly impress your customer with your demonstration, here is the quick tool: Impress with a fascinating user interface coupled with flexible Reporting and analytics capability, and then be prepared with some solid responses around the areas of performance; and you have struck the deal!

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