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Measuring the Success of Customer Experience Management

Guest post by
Ruja Basnet, Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys


Organizations invest time and effort in undertaking customer experience (CX) transformation programs and redesign many business processes with an aim to become more customers centric. In view of this, measuring the success or otherwise of a CX program is of critical importance. Just like there is an effort to redesign business processes, it is also essential to choose the relevant metrics to measure the success of a CX transformation program. A basic understanding of CX success factors and process to measure it sets apart an enlightened CXM approach from just another BPR project. Correct measurement of customer experience enables organizations to identify concern areas, monitor the improvement on those concerns and always work towards being meaningful to its customers.

Below is an illustrative flow depicting the CX measurement thought process that can be followed:
Ruja- Image 1.jpg 
Channel/customer segment selection: There has been major shift in the way business and customer communicates. With the means like social sites, web portals, call centers or face to face interaction, customers can have different levels of satisfaction and different kinds of grievances from different channels. For example: the way an organization deals with their corporate customer and retail customer can be different, and so will be their experience. This will lead to disparate customer experience across channels and segments. So, customer channels and segments need to be considered while designing a measurement framework and metrics.

Selection of CX metrics based on specific business function: Once channel and customer segment is selected, a specific business function to be measured can be determined. In the end to end interaction with a customer there might be different experiences across business functions. For example: A customer might have pleasant experience during his order fulfillment and not so good one during one of the service request resolution. So, there has to be separate metrics for CX measurement based on specific business functions. This will guide organization in determining channel, segment and function wise issue resolution and revenue generation.

Data collections and analysis: Selected CX metrics needs to be shared with the concern business functions. For refining the quality of data collection, staffs needs to be trained in CX metrics and even staffs compensations can be linked with CX metrics. Proper data will lead to a good analysis of customer experience. It is necessary to share the insights from CX metrics to concern business functions based on the analysis of data collected.

In today's radically changing business landscape, customer expectations from the organization also keeps changing. Therefore CX metrics needs to be reviewed periodically for updating based on the feedback from the cross functional team. Organizations can then be in a more worthy position to make strategic decisions and layout their future objectives based on the well formulated data analysis obtained from CX metrics.

Organizations which align CX metrics to business outcome are more likely to be successful with their CX management program and stand ahead of the competition. This will guide organizations in prioritizing the concern areas, estimating return on investment of these concern areas and planning organization's resources accordingly. This in turn results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, decreased operational cost and higher revenue generation of the organization.


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