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New approach of Social Project Management with Oracle Fusion PPM

Guest post by
Sandeep Suresh Deshpande, Principal Consultant, Infosys


Project teams today are exposed to increasing pressure to complete the project on time within budget under dynamic conditions of -

  • Rapidly changing Project Management perspective
  • Distributed teams working in highly volatile environment chasing moving targets
  • Problems arising out of knowledge dissemination
  • Complex long running projects

"Even though we have Project Wiki pages, KM workshops, VOIPs, periodic status reporting and project meetings, my project is in red"

Social Project Management with Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Team Connect:

With Fusion Project Portfolio Management, project community has an access to a common platform which enables the gateway to all the relevant resources working within the boundaries of Fusion Enterprise ERP.

Secured project communities, native project collaboration leveraging Web 2.0 tools and single place for real-time project-based interactions and communications ensure seamless information sharing amongst project team, and resultant improved productivity and project health. Project workspace supports easy and controlled access to project documents, announcement, discussion forums, project calendar, activity streams, tagging, notes and chat sessions.

Gone are the days when your team used to log a defect in a tool, then someone would collate all the defects on a weekly basis, to do a root cause analysis in the 'Defect Prevention' meetings, and then publish the report to finally arrive at the solution after a fortnight, all of these under the watchful eyes of an already stressed Project Manager.

In Social Project Management with Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Team Connect, the team member would open a discussion thread around a potential defect he / she has found, someone sitting in the other corner of the globe who has already worked on a similar issue, would do some deep dive analysis by referring to the project documents and related discussion forums and would post a solution to the thread also providing an online help through interactive chat sessions, finally to see that the issue is resolved.

"Take a benefit from Oracle's comprehensive field research with esteemed customers and partners manifesting you to stay connected with your core project management transactions through a social enterprise"

Next time, when the project manager logs in, he is happy to see that the problem is resolved by his "Global" team and the entire information is available for the complete project community for future reference, without anyone spending extra effort in co-ordination activities. Who is benefitted - the Enterprise!

Thus, Social Project Management ensures that you have a satisfied customer through improved product quality deliverables by leveraging collective intelligence and transparent project operations.


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