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Connected Vehicle: Mining its Ecosystem

Guest post by
Ashish Verma, Senior Consultant, Infosys


Millions of lives are lost in road accidents annually due to lack of crash-avoidance technology such as Wi-Fi based vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication.  Vehicles equipped with such technology are still at a distance and will require further experiments before actually becoming reality. Connected vehicle is one such step in that direction. Connected vehicle services are provided by vehicle OEMs with the help of smart phones sitting on top of vehicle dashboard. It has paved a way for installing In-vehicle apps which can act as content provider from multiple sources (such as embedded sensing devices and big data application) to provide a seamless driving experience.

Connected vehicle ecosystem is quite complex and evolving day by day. An effort is being made below to explain it.

Ashish Verma 2.jpg Figure 1: Connected Vehicle: Eco System

Vehicle Owner/Driver:  Integrated screen on the dashboard of the car provide vehicle related critical data and alerts for safe driving experience, navigational information in known and unknown territory and entertainment services. Here need is to ensure passenger safety and minimal allowed distraction.

Smart Embedded Devices: Story of connected vehicle is not complete without smart hardware that can reside on vehicle or connect to onboard diagnostics port and provide a platform for interfacing applications.

In-Vehicle App Store: These are the applications designed to sit on top of the smart devices integrated in the vehicle providing interactive interface for customer and vehicle to receive and transmit digital data from sensors and other sources.

Telematics: Technology that plays a crucial role in fleet management and vehicle tracking can be utilized for connected vehicle to transmit data from embedded sensors/smart devices installed on Car dashboard to central data processing unit.

Automotive OEM: Manufactures investing in connected vehicle technology will add value to their customer offering even after sale of vehicle providing more personalized services. Such technology will ensure driver's safety and help automotive manufacture to increase customer loyalty.

Cloud Application: Evolution of cloud based application will provide a platform for real time data processing and handling of vast amount of structured and unstructured data. Such application requires capability of a mining engine to arrive on an analytical result based on complex algorithm that will not only inform customer about potential vehicle problem but also help the OEMs to move up in value chain.

System Integrator: Implementation of connected vehicle technology will require integration of multiple applications and knowledge of various technologies working behind these applications. Making them compatible is a challenging task and requires managing multiple diverse teams. System integrators will have to evolve themselves to provide end to end services not only around connected vehicle but will have to take into account customer experience on smart devices.

I believe that breakthrough in such technology will be boon for passenger safety, mobility and connectivity. Information collected from such a wonderful technology will transform the way businesses are conducted in many industries such as automotive, insurance and transportation. It will transform the driving experience of people, help gain insight into driving pattern and enhance chances of accident free traffic flow management.


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